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Sell your Magic Cards here!

You've reached the Buzz City Games Buylist. Using the buylist portion of our website you will be able to sell us cards. 

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Buylist Overview

Once in buylist mode, you will add the cards that you would like to sell to your Buylist Cart. This acts just like a normal checkout cart, but you are letting us know the cards that you would like to sell to us. 

If you have a list of cards that you would like to sell, the Buylist Multi-Search tool can help speed up the process. 
Limit the number of cards in each buylist to 100. Kindly, send an email to if you need to process more than 1x buylist.

Once you have submitted your cards, wait for an approval email. Once it has been received, sort the buylist alphabetically, package the cards so they don't shift in transit, removing sleeves and binder pages in the process and mail them to Buzz City Games. 


Getting Paid - You can choose to be paid by Store Credit (+25% bonus), Paypal, or Check. 

Store Credit - A bonus is applied to all Store Credit payments of 25% of the after graded total. Store Credit never expires.

Paypal - For paypal payments, paypal will charge a fee usually around 3%. This will be sent to the email address that you listed for payment. 

Check - A check will be mailed by our bank and may take up to 3-5 business days to arrive. There is a $25 minimum amount for a check to be mailed.


Once your buylist arrives, a Buzz City Games buyer will check in and grade the buylist. You will receive an email with the grading and new total for the buylist. Payment will then be submitted via your chosen method. If you have questions, reach out to


Buzz City Games doesn't purchase stamped, signed or foreign cards. 


Bulk Rates (Magic): Must be in NM condition


Rares $0.05
Mythics $0.20
Commons/Uncommons $2.50/1,000
Foil Rares $.20
Foil Commons, Uncommons, and Lands $0.05
Foil Promos $0.05
Bulk items must be grouped together, faced and in a rowed box.



Buylist FAQ

Address to Mail Cards to:

Buzz City Games may refuse a buylist for any reason. Buylists not received within 1 week are subject to price adjustment.


Buzz City Games

4 Union St N

Concord, NC 28025






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